Yuji Lighting x LightFair International 2023


 Yuji Lighting exhibited this year at LightFair International (LFI) exhibition 2023! Co-owned and managed by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), LightFair International brings togethers industry leaders in the future of lighting technology. This 3-Day lighting exhibition was held at the Javits Center in New York City from May 23rd to May 25th, where over 300+ lighting companies exhibited their lighting products and technology. LightFair is a platform for like-minded professionals. With 32 events held over a span of 30+ years, LFI has become a hub for lighting innovation.


yuji lighting lightfair

Yuji Lighting team members hosting our booth on the tradeshow floor.


Yuji Lighting exhibited this year at booth #2560, featuring our lighting products and our capabilities as a manufacturer. We discussed with many attendees and networked with top professionals, of whom were impressed by our lighting technology. Yuji’s unique positioning as a phosphor and LED manufacturer sets us apart from many other companies because of our high expertise in spectrum engineering. With interests from many across our entire product line, Yuji’s newer innovations such as the Well24™ series, Skyline™ series, and Mission™ series lamp have drawn prominence from LFI tradeshow attendees.


high CRI light

CRI-MAX™ Scenarios

The CRI-MAX™ series primarily consists of industrial-grade, Ra 95+ (R9 95+) ultra-high color rendering LED lighting fixtures. CRI stands for color-rendering-index which is a standard ranging from 0 to 100 that ranks a light source’s ability to render color. Due to our advanced lighting technology, Yuji’s CRI-MAX™ series boasts CRI over 95+ in our light fixtures. High color rendering, eye comfort, high photographic fidelity, and flicker-free technology will give consumers access to industrial-grade color rendering, enhance their quality of life, and guarantee the color accuracy of professional photography.


full spectrum light

SunWave™ Scenarios

The SunWave™ series is based on technology that simulates the sunlight’s spectrum and achieves ultra-high sunlight resemblance. The full spectrum of natural sunlight illuminates the entire visible spectrum with a uniform spectral distribution. It integrates natural light into situations that are lit by general artificial light. Experience full-spectrum lighting with our SunWave™ series, which has great color rendering, minimal blue light hazard, mood-energizing effects, and other health-improving features.


wellbeing light

Well24™ Day/Nite Scenarios

Our Well24™ series is dedicated to enhancing the lighting environment to have positive impact on the natural circadian rhythm of humans. How to use effective 480nm radiance in the spectrum design is a key factor when considering circadian rhythm regulation, and has the been at the core of our lighting technology. By utilizing high level radiance at 480nm will restrain the melanopsin secretion which helps maintain alertness, while utilizing a low level radiance at 480nm will promote the melanopsin secretion which helps promote rest and relaxation.


skyline light

Skyline™ Artificial Blue Sky

Our goal with the Skyline™ series is to bring the natural blue sky indoors to improve mood health and enhance visual comfort. Our sunlight simulator technology creates a 3-dimensional experience thanks to research and innovation on the depth of a clear blue sky, the shadows created, the pure color of the full spectrum of natural light, and the dynamic changes in the color of the sky. This recessed lighting fixture provides dynamic light color simulation and brightness management with sophisticated control APP, offering a realistic feeling of sunshine, a clear sky, and a sense of depth.

floor lamp

Yuji Mission-02 Office Light

Yuji Lighting™ Mission series utilizes “Yuji Space Light” technology currently being used as a lighting solution for the International Space Station. This unique lamp features a built-in touch-screen control panel to control the varying motion sensing modes for the fixture, light directionality, and brightness. This fixture is ideal for offices or home offices that lack adequate lighting throughout the space.

See You Soon LightFair
LightFair International has announced that it will become a biennial event beginning this year. This decision was made in light of the changing needs of lighting manufacturing and specification, which LFI management has noted. By resorting over to a biennial schedule, LFI will allow attendees to continue to see newer products, however now during odd-numbered years which better align with manufacturing cycles. This new schedule encourages increase in attendance and welcomes new opportunities for lighting designers, engineers, distributors, and architects- and even us at Yuji! It was a pleasure exhibiting this year at the LFI tradeshow, and we look forward to exhibiting and connecting with you all at the next show. See you at LightFair 2025!

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