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SunWave™ A19/A60 3000K Dimmable Bulb

Color Temperature: 3000K
Input Voltage: US (E26/AC 120V)
Pack Size: 2pcs

Extraordinary color quality.

CRI 99
CQS 98
Rf 98
3000K led bulb installed in dining room real image


SunWave™ 3000K bulb dimmable function will retain high CRI 98+ rating when set to any dimming level (down to 5%). 

It creates a warm and relaxing environment, perfect for dinning room and bedroom.

sunwave_4000K led bulb


SunWave™ 4000K provides a softer white which is widely used in home and office.

Featuring 98+ CRI and flicker free output, which will provide you all of the benefits of full-spectrum light.


6500K bulb like natural daylight, will appear slightly blue. With E26/E27 base is compatible with all lamps and fixtures designed for a traditional light bulb.

Part No. Power Luminous Flux CCT CRI R9 TM-30-20 Rf TM-30-20 Rg Beam Angle Dimmable Warranty
L3210072.30 11W 1000lm 3000K 98+ 90+ 97 102 200° 3 years
L3210072.40 11W 1100lm 4000K 98+ 90+ 97 102 200° 3 years
L3210072.65 11W 1100lm 6500K 98+ 90+ 97 102 200° 3 years

Product overview

Yuji Lighting® SunWave™ LED lamps provide optimal lighting solutions for the perfect simulation of sunlight. Designed with Yuji solar spectrum technology, lamps emit nearly 100% similar solar spectrum, giving people the same experience as sunlight. They are excellent for all scenarios that require artificial light sources, such as hospital, classroom, office, studio, apartment etc.

Full Spectrum

Bring the Sun Indoors. Full spectrum lights can help supplement natural daylight, helping you feel better, see better and grow better.

Color Consistency

Yuji guarantees that the color difference between different products is so subtle that the human eye cannot directly perceive the difference.

Flicker-Free at 240 FPS Shooting

Yuji’s original flicker control technology satisfies that the light intensity will not change significantly under high-speed cameras.


Yuji Lighting Product Guarantee Regulation

Yuji Lighting provides a 30-day return & exchange policy for all our orders. You could return any product you purchase to us for a full refund or an exchange within 30 days of receiving your product.