Serenity Circadian Light M/P Down to 0.099

Welcome to the world of the SERENITY

Where innovative design, personalized lighting, and remarkable elegance come together to elevate your well-being. With just a touch, you can now create an ambiance tailored to your relaxation and mindfulness needs, transforming any space into a peaceful sanctuary.

Let the SERENITY enhance your yoga, meditation, or relaxation moments and guide you towards a more balanced and serene state of mind. Designed with your well-being in mind, our lamp promotes relaxation, focus, and better sleep, effortlessly.

Embrace the beauty and tranquility of your new SERENITY Lamp, and embark on a journey towards a calmer, more fulfilling lifestyle.

The Lighting Magic

Flamewarm light mode

FlameWarm™ Light

Night light, pre-sleep, evening meditation

warmpink light mode

Warm-pink Light

Entertainment, dine, date

moonwhite light mode

Moon-white Light

Read, draw and write


1. Our lighting magic for your relaxation and pre-sleep

flamewarm spectrum and m/p measurement
Reduce blue light

FlameWarm™ is an innovative spectrum engineering technology designed by Yuji Lighting. We redefined the gene of the LED spectrum to reduce the blue light essentially then to eliminate the risk.

Visually warm as flame

The rich red spectrum of FlameWarm™ is based on Yuji LED phosphor technologies that provide a unique color of “visually warm”, bringing a cozy feeling psychologically.

2. Ultimate Melanopic/Photopic
0.099 M/P ratio
Melanopic/Photopic* matters

The Melanopic/Photopic (M/P) ratio measures the stimulative or suppressive of melatonin secretion from a light. M/P ratio is a scientific and objective index to evaluate if your light holds back or helps with your relaxation.

M/P ratio = 0.099

The FlameWarm™ mode of the SERENITY offers the M/P ratio down to 0.099, which is even significantly lower than a candle. The ultimate M/P ratio proves the FlameWarm™ mode promotes the melatonin secretion greatly.


Hearting warming & slight intersperse
The well-designed 2000K color

2000K is proven to be a most comfortable color temperature that creates a heartwarming atmosphere, unlike a general white light, 2000K color always bring more casual and relaxation.

Modulated pink tones

A slight pink tone is carefully modulated in the warm-pink mode, which creates the delightful mood and explores
more emotions.


Deliver the crystal moon light
Natural moon-white light

The moon-white is designed as the moon alike color of 3000K, simulating the real moon in a most natural way.

98 CRI

The spectrum of moon-white is masterfully crafted with Yuji Lighting CRI-MAX™ technology and achieves 98 CRI, the superb color rendition ability makes everything vivid around you.

Product Vital Features

max 750 lux

Adaptive Glow

Shine Bright When It Matters

Serenity is designed to provide more than just ambient lighting for your space. With the ability to produce up to 200 lux at a 1-foot distance, this versatile lamp perfectly brightens up any space as a stylish and functional table lamp.

yuji lighting flicker free serenity lamp
ZERO Flicker Free

Yuji's original flicker control technology satisfies that the light intensity will not change signficantly under high-speed cameras. Get rid of the bad effects of flicker on people's health completely.

Designed with user comfort in mind, our lamp offers a stable and consistent lighting experience.

One Touch to Inspire

  • Single touch for ON/SWITCH
  • Double touch for OFF
  • Long touch for stepless dimming
  • With memory, it remembers your last set up
dimmer light


birghter light


flamewarm lighting mode
warmpink lighting mode
Warm-pink light
moonwhite lighting mode
Moon-white light

Product Details

Touch to switch & dim
  • Short touch for ON/OFF/Switch
  • Long touch for stepless dimming
crystal luminance
Crystal luminance
  • Designed with the crystal lamp body and 360-degree luminance.
Type-C charging
  • Flash red light: charging
  • Full brightnes: 6 hours

Specification sheet


98 (Moon-white light mode)

Color Temperature

3000K (Moon-white light mode)


96 (Moon-white light mode)

Battery capacity

1500 mAh


3 W

Serenity Brochure