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Welcome to The Chic Luminance of ELEGANZA

Encounter the fusion of sleek design and scientific acumen within the ELEGANZA lamp, featuring Well24™ technology’s that gently encourages melanopsin secretion to cozily coincide with your body’s natural evening rhythm. ELEGANZA's function marries fashion, establishing a calming ambiance for unwinding, not for sleep inducement.

Elevate your evening with ELEGANZA's soft touch and sophisticated glow, harmonizing smart lighting with elegant aesthetics, and transform your space into a serene haven for the night's tranquil activities.

Discover ELEGANZA – the epitome of twilight elegance, artfully designed to complement the sophisticated rhythms of your nocturnal lifestyle.

Well24™ Technology Inside

ELEGANZA utilizes Well24™ technology with a spectrum designed to limit the 480nm-490nm wavelength which is crucial for melanopsin secretion and your circadian rhythm. Giving the Melanopic/Photopic ratio (M/P ratio)* at 0.294 and with the super-warm color temperature of 2200K by ultralow blue light, ELEGANZA provides the true relaxation light for your wellbeing.

* Compliant to CIE  S 026/E:2018: CIE System for Metrology of Optical Radiation for ipRGC-Influenced Responses to Light.

IP65 Protection | IK08 Protection | Alumi Housing

Fearless of Outdoor Use

There is no reason to disrupt your scenarios by the weather - whether on a couple’s dating, family gathering or chatting with friends. The IP65 / IK08 grade design and the special aluminum housing and coating of ELEGANZA protect every significant moment for you timelessly.

Adaptive Glow

ELEGANZA's dimmable featureoffers a personalized lighting experience, allowing you to finely tune theintensity to match the evening's mood, from a soft radiance to a vibrantbrightness ideal for any activity.

How to use?

Touch area

  • Short touch: ON/OFF
  • Long touch: stepless dimming
  • Battery indicator light: >10%(off), <10% (on red), <3% (flash red), in charging (on red), fully charged (on blue)


  • USB-C charging and fully charging time is 8 hours
  • Full brightness: 8 hours
  • Low brightness: 24 hours

Vital Features

Zero Flicker Comfort

ELEGANZA's advanced zero flicker technology ensures a steady stream of light that's gentle on the eyes, providing a comfortable environment for extended periods, whether you're working, reading, or simply enjoying the ambiance.

QUICK-assemble & QUICK-release Design

ELEGANZA is designed as 3-section QUICK-assemble and QUICK-release without any tools for flexible use anywhere. Let the ELEGANZA be with you all the time.

Product specification

Light source

Well24™ Tech LED

Color Temperature

Well24™ Tech 2200K

Luminous flux




M/P ratio


Beam angle