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Yuji Lighting Overview


Yuji Lighting (also known as Yuji International) is a tech company specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of high-quality LED lighting products. Founded in 2005, the company has become a global leader in producing high-CRI (Color Rendering Index) clighting solutions for various industries, including film and television production, photography, retail, residential, and commercial spaces. With its focus on pushing the boundaries of LED technology and continually innovating, Yuji Lighting is committed to providing lighting solutions that exceed standards of performance and reliability.


In 2005, Yuji Lighting was founded.

In 2012, Mitsubishi Chemical partnered with Yuji Lighting to improve its LED phosphor supply.

In 2013, Yuji Lighting developed full line of high CRI LED phosphors and high CRI LED emitters.

In 2014, Yuji developed world’s earliest full spectrum LED lamps.

In 2018, Yuji became the first Chinese LED manufacturer granted a NIMS red phosphor license.

In 2018, Yuji Lighting releases full line of NormLite™ LED norm lighting lamps which are in compliant of ISO3664:2009 and ISO3668:2017 for the first time in the world.

In 2019, Yuji released world’s leading technology of RGBA tunable lighting system. (at LpS).

During 2019-2021, Yuji Lighting co-worked with JSPST (Japan Society of Printing Science and Technology) in defining its D50 lighting standard of color viewing condition with LED light source.

In 2022, Yuji released five series.


CRI-MAX™ series: The CRI-MAX series from Yuji Lighting prioritizes high color rendering performance. With a color rendering index (CRI) Ra value of up to 99, the CRI-MAX series delivers accurate color representation and vibrant colors, making it ideal for professionals and individuals who require color accuracy. The technology is suitable for applications with strict visual requirements and provides consistent high CRI across various color temperatures.

SunWave™ series: Yuji Lighting's SunWave™ series offers full-spectrum LED technology that closely replicates the visible portion of sunlight. With a high CRI value of up to 98 and 95% similarity to sunlight, this innovative technology transforms indoor environments to mimic the appearance and benefits of natural sunlight. Providing vibrant colors, enhanced eye comfort, and improved mood, the SunWave™ series is ideal for creating comfortable and inviting atmospheres in both residential and commercial spaces.

Well24™ series: The WELL24™ series form Yuji Lighting is a circadian lighting solution designed to improve well-being, productivity, and relaxation by regulating the human circadian rhythm. By harnessing the power of biologically significant 480nm radiance, the WELL24™ series offers tailored lighting solutions for both daytime and nighttime scenarios. The daytime series increases focus and productivity, while the nighttime series promotes relaxation and restorative sleep.

NormLite™ series: Yuji Lighting's NormLite™ D50 series is designed in compliance with ISO3664:2009, the international standard for color viewing conditions in graphic arts and photography industries. The series offers LED lights with high color rendering index values (CRI ≥ 90), chromaticity coordinates within the required range, and consistent color temperature, allowing for accurate color reproduction and assessment in a variety of applications, including printing, photography, and design.

Skyline™ series: Skyline™ by Yuji Lighting is a cutting-edge sunlight simulator technology providing an experience of natural sunlight and clear skies through an LED skylight system. The technology leverages principles such as Rayleigh scattering, creating a realistic sky-like visual experience, and mimicking shadows created by sunlight to provide a visually stunning and biologically beneficial environment. The Skyline™ Series is designed to transform living and working spaces, prioritizing visual comfort, mood enhancement, and overall well-being.


Contributions & Recognitions

In 2016, Yuji light was verified as 1st among global professional film lighting brands by Indie Cinema Academy for averaging together CRI (Re), CQS, and TLCI values in their annual LED film lights database report.

In 2019, BudgetLightForum ranked Yuji as a Top 3 high-quality lighting brand in their "Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest" report.

In 2020, Yuji LED supported LUNARK, a SAGA Space Architects project, with a human-centric lighting system that imitates living conditions on the moon.

In 2021, the BabelColor tutorial used Yuji's full-spectrum bi-color tunable LED solution to simulate daylight at 5000K-6500K.

In 2022, GembaRed verified Yuji's 60W 3000K bulb as one of the best healthy white LED light bulbs in terms of low kelvin, high CRI, low flicker, and low EMF.

In 2023, Yuji LED offered advanced Circadian Light to SAGA’s Circadian Light, which will be tested on board the International Space Station to assess whether the device can improve astronauts' sleep.

In 2023, Yuji Lighting helped JGGL (Japan Germany Gemmological Laboratory) accomplish a study on lighting conditions for gemmology classification with its NormLite series.