LuminFocus LuminFlood Linear Light 220-240V

Aviation aluminum alloy of the housing

LuminFocus and LuminFlood are made with the aviation aluminum alloy (6063) for the robust and classic designs, also resulting in excellent thermal dissipation. The classic design and materials make the linear lights versatile and high-end texture.

Dual-emission illumination

LuminFocus and LuminFlood are innovative in dual-emission design for uniform illumination without “dark zones”. Combining the SunWave™ and Well24™ technologies and appropriate power configuration, the LuminFocus and LuminFlood create the truly natural and circadian rhythm regulated lighting. 

LuminFocus is innovative in dual-emission design with different beam angles. For upward, it creates the uniform illumination without “dark zones” with 120°, and creates the focus light for the downward with 60°.

LuminFlood is innovative in dual-emission design as well with the flood beam angles. For bothof upward and downward, it creates the uniform illumination without “dark zones” with 120°.

Glare control

The optics are designed for improving glare. With LED deeply inside structure and microcrystalline plate design for LuminFocus and LuminFlood, UGR is controlled to < 14 and 19.

Special version of daisy-chain (LuminFlood).

LuminFocus and LuminFlood can be used as daisy-chain style for a variant of applications, and the LuminFlood has a special version of daisy-chain for more compact design.

10-year use quality design

The design of Zenith Square is made for lasting up to 10-year use. Every single material, accessory and process are carefully evaluated to ensure the quality and not out of date. We believe you will be impressed by its design and feeling when you open the box and touch it.

ZERO-Flicker driver configured

Lumina and ProLumina are adopted with ZERO-Flicker driver inside. The ZERO-Flicker standard by Yuji Lighting guarantees not only non-visual flicker, but also a strict flicker index below 0.001 measured by the device, securing the absolute wellbeing lighting environment.







20W (LuminFocus)

15W (LuminFlood)



80lm/W (LuminFocus)

100lm/W (LuminFlood)


Well24 Nite: 85+

Well24 Day: 90+



Well24 Nite: 2200K / 2700K

Well24 Day: 4000K / 5000K

SunWave: 2200K/2700K

SunWave: 4000K/5000K

Melanopic ratio (M/P)

Well24 Nite: 0.28 (2200K), 0.37 (2700K)

Well24 Day: 0.92 (4000K), 1.03 (5000K)


Rf: 9

Melanopic daylight efficacy ratio (M-DER)

Well24 Nite: 0.25 (2200K), 0.34 (2700K)

Well24 Day: 0.79(4000K), 0.93 (5000K)


Rg: 10




LuminFlood (special version)