FlameWarm™ Tech

For better relax, for better sleep.

What is FlameWarm™?

The FlameWarm™ is designed by the scientists from Yuji Lighting based on its strong LED background, it is a lighting spectral theory to create a perfect balance between the comfortable color tones and melatonin secretion. FlameWarm™ tech is born for ultimate sleep-aid in a most healthy way.

“Photonmelatonin”, the secret is in the spectrum innovation

The innovative FlameWarm™ tech is from our rich experience in LED and LED phosphor. From countless different spectrum recipes in our lab, we carefully choose the most balance to reach ultimate circadian values and elegant light color design.

FlameWarm™ reshapes the gene of the light, making the spectrum avoid the scope of restraining melatonin secretion. Comparing to medication, this “photo melatonin” helps with secreting the melatonin from the human body naturally.

Melanopic/Photopic ratio (M/P ratio) is one of the primary indexes to evaluate the affect of melatonin secretion from the lighting environment, which is also the important reference for measuring the relationship of sleep quality and lighting environment.

The M/P ratio of FlameWarm™ is reduced to 0.099 thanks to our spectrum technology, which is even lower than a candle, it means the light based on FlameWarm™ is more helpful than the warm fire, and less than 10% of circadian stimulation is generated from the visual brightness.

0.099 M/P ratio
lower circadian stimulation

Melanopic Equivalent Daylight Illuminance (M-EDI) support

The Melanopic Equivalent Daylight Illuminance (M-EDI) is a metric that measures the circadian stimulation from the light, the M-EDI lux indicates the lighting stimulation to your biological circadian instead of your eyes as a new definition of “brightness”.

FlameWarm™ technology contributes promising M-EDI to achieve the CIE recommendations, the lighting design based with FlameWarm™ is easier to have enough brightness for eyes but minimum stimulation for brain to help with sleep and keeping the safety at night.

Yuji Lighting provides the full service of consultancy for M-EDI calculations and suggestion to every of our product based with FlameWarm™, benefiting everyone to enjoy this technology.

Reduce blue light

FlameWarm™ reduces the blue light essentially from the spectrum grade to guarantee the lighting design is compliant to absolutely biological safety by helping to achieve the Exempt Class (Risk Group Zero) following IEC 62471.

Design the correct color tones scientifically

Light sleep aid is not only associated with melatonin secretion, but also with visual and psychological effects. When conducting various simulation experiments of light color, the color scientists from Yuji Lighting carefully choose the light color that is closest to the real flame and the most reasonable main wavelength setting from numerous color models, making the visual light color natural and comfortable.







Pure red


Deep red



Based on the characteristics of ipRGC response and human visual sensitivity[1], the spectrum of 520nm stimuluses the eye sensitivity significantly and the green-yellow color does not bring a cozy feeling.

Bright yellow

According to the characteristics of human visual sensitivity, when the main wavelength is designed at 560nm, its spectrum and human eye sensitivity curve increase in superposition, which will enhance the sensitivity of bright visual stimulation, which is not conducive to rest and sleep.


Highly simulated flame light color, but the M/P ratio is significantly lower than the flame. The main wavelength is set at 600nm, and the light color is warm and natural, soothing, which is the most ideal light color design, achieving a perfect balance between visual comfort and physiological sleep aid.

Pure red

According to scientific research, red has the psychological suggestive effect of alarm and danger signal[2]. Although the circadian stimulation of red light can be effectively reduced, the psychological effect will cause people to be alert and it is difficult to get a deep rest.

Deep red

Besides the psychological suggestive effect of alarm and danger signal, the longer wavelength of 660nm is far away from the visual sensitivity which is also negative for designing the light efficiently.



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