Well24™ Nite Relaxation Series 2200K A19/A60 Dimmable LED Bulb

Price: 2pcs
Input Voltage: US (E26/AC 120V)

How does the bulb work?

well24 night 2200K warm light

Well24™ nite: For relaxation

The Well24™ Nite technology focuses in eliminating the lighting power in the most sensitivity range of ipRGCs to help with promoting the melatonin secretion and this leads to relieve, relax naturally from the cozy lighting environment derived from the Well24™ Nite technology.

Low Melanopic/Photopic ratio (MP Ratio) for Well24™ Nite

The Melanopic/Photopic (M/P) ratio measures the stimulative or suppressive of melatonin secretion from a light. M/P ratio is a scientific and objective index to evaluate if your light holds back or helps with your relaxation.

* Compliant to CIES 026/E:2018: CIE System for Metrology of Optical Radiation for ipRGC-Influenced Responses to Light

Product features

well24 nite 2200K spectrum distribution

Why this bulb helps people feel relaxed?

M/P ratio = 0.2964

The Well24™ nite LED bulb offers the M/P ratio down to 0.294, which is 47% lower than the general LED (at 3000K) which means relatively it reduces 47% circadian effect for your relax when comparing the general LED lighting.

well24 nite 2200K high cri 85

High CRI 85

Designed with Yuji multi-phosphor high CRI technology, the lighting systems perform excellent color rendering capability and give vivid visual effects for skin tones. The technology allows the bulb to maintain a CRI of 85 even with a color temperature as low as 2200K.

well24 nite 2200K flicker free

Flicker Index 0.000

Yuji's original flicker control technology satisfies that the light intensity will not change significantly under high-speed cameras. Get rid of the bad effects of flicker on people's health completely.

We tested the well24™ night LED bulb with 240 FPS shooting, the light output is stable, and no flash observed.

dimmable down to 5%


Yuji unique dimming technology enables this product to emit only 5% of the rated brightness, which can meet the usage scenarios under any design. This bulb is compatible with TRIAC dimmer.

mama stay with kids at nite

Well24™ 2200K LED bulb creates cozy and relax atmosphere for your nighttime

Product overview

Yuji Lighting® Well24™ Nite LED lamps provide optimal lighting solutions for all spaces which promoting healthy resting and sleeping. Designed with Yuji Wellness technology, lamps emit a biological wellness spectrum, reducing the damage of the biological clock, allowing people to become more relaxing. They are excellent for home, hotel, hospital etc. lighting.

Well24™ Tech
Circadian Lighting

Yuji circadian lighting sends signals to the master clock in the brain, telling our bodies when it is daytime and when it is night.

Color Consistency

Yuji guarantees that the color difference between different products is so subtle that the human eye cannot directly perceive the difference.


Yuji uses Human-Centric technology to avoid blue light damage as much as possible while ensuring the quality of color rendering.

Part Number Power Luminous Flux CCT CRI M/P MDER Beam Angle Dimmable Warranty
L3210190.22 11W 1000lm 2200K 85+ 0.28 0.25 200° 3 years
L3210190.27 11W 1000lm 2700K 85+ 0.37 0.34 200° 3 years


Frequently asked questions about this LED bulb

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