sunwave tech

SunWave™ Tech

Same to the sunlight, better than the sunlight

sunwave spectrum mimic changes in sunlight throughout the day

SunWave™ Tech

SunWave™ aims to provide the natural light but with stronger effect for your energy boost which is helpful with waking your brain up effectively and healthily.

Natural & healthy light DNA inside.

99% similar with sunlight spectrum
7 ccts for all -day occasions
zero flicker light
blue light RG0 exemption class

The SunWave™ is designed based on the sun spectrum LED technology that simulates the true and natural light, it offers every benefit that the sunlight brings to you.

sunwave full spectrum light

The white color under SunWave™ full spectrum light is as pure as under sunlight. Brightness, white light purity, and color rendering are primes in high-quality LED lights. SunWave™ full spectrum lighting features high lumen efficacy, pure white, and high CRI.

Extraordinary color quality.

CRI 99
CQS 98
Rf 98
high Ra light

99 CRI

With the full-spectrum feature, SunWave™ reaches 99+ CRI to make everything vivid and create the most natural lighting environment, feeling no difference under the sunlight.

98 CQS

98 CQS

The calculation method of color quality scale (CQS) analyzes the color quality of solid-state lighting sources more accurately.

98 Rf(TM-30)

98 Rf (TM-30)

When CRI cannot finely distinguish color quality especially the metamerism phenomenon happens, the comprehensive evaluation methods of TM-30 provide the insightful results of the color metrics.

sunwave SDCM

2-step SDCM