Ceiling light Round 220-240V

Style: Circadian Halo

Circadian Halo

The "Yuji Lighting Circadian Halo" is an advanced dual-emission ceiling fixture innovatively designed to support circadian health.

Its unique composition includes downward-facing "SunWave™" illumination, capturing the essence of natural sunlight to energize and focus, alongside the "Well24™" ambient glow, which gently diffuses upward, aligning with the body’s internal clock.

Together they create a dynamic lighting environment that promotes well-being while offering aesthetic versatility for a variety of settings where health and productivity are of utmost importance.

Dual-emission illumination

Circadian Halo is innovative in dual-emission design for uniform illumination without “dark zones”. Combining the SunWave™ and Well24™ technologies, the Circadian Halo creates the truly natural and circadian rhythm regulated lighting. 


Based with Well24™ or tailor-made LED source inside


Based with SunWave™ or tailor-made LED source inside

Aviation Aluminum Alloy of the housing

Circadian Halo is made with the aviation aluminum alloy
(6063) for the robust and classic designs, also resulting in excellent thermal dissipation.

Improved glare control & IP40 protection                              

Based with the extraordinary illumination structure of multi layers, and by achieving UGR<18 and IP40 protection for dust or bugs, the Circadian Halo is versatile in different applications and keeps reliable maintenance.

Smart & flexible installation

Circadian Halo can be installed in ceiling or pendant* styles with different accessories, and the tool-free design makes the installation easy, quick and safe.

*Pendant style requires a different accessary of installation fixture (driver) layer.

Step 1

Quick assembing of wires-to-driver without tools.

Step 2

Easy wire connection and steel cable for safety security.

Step 3

Pull the clip to lock the installation fixture (driver) layer without tools.

Step 4

Screw to fasten the intallation and disassembly lock without tools.

ZERO-Flicker driver configured                       

Circadian Halo is adopted with ZERO-Flicker driver inside. The ZERO-Flicker standard by Yuji Lighting guarantees not only non-visual flicker, but also a strict flicker index below 0.001 measured by the device, securing the absolute wellbeing lighting environment.











  • Well24 Nite: 85+
  • Well24 Day: 90+


Optional CCT
  • Well24 Nite: 2200K / 2700K
  • Well24 Day: 4000K / 5000K
  • SunWave: 2200K/2700K
  • SunWave: 4000K/5000K