“The quality of the light around us has a profound effect on our well-being that should not be underestimated.” - Thomas Fuchs – Lighting Designer

Focus on the lighting experience

We make lighting with a different philosophy when viewing the LED technology from the nature of light and are not just tangled on some common parameters of light but will think about the significance behind the numbers. We pursue better and ultimate performance on the lighting experience with different series: 

SunWave Series

The sunwave mimics the sunlight spectrum to present the natural light environment. Human thrives under the sun since the beginning of civilization, now with our latest LED technology, we can make the lighting quality back to the incandescent and halogen era but beyond it. It is an innovation that achieves sunlight with artificial lighting. The sunwave series does not contain UV and IR radiation and is made to different color temperatures or even tunable white to simulate sunrise, daylight and sunset, which makes a full experience in a whole day with natural light.  

CRI-MAX Series

The CRI MAX series provides remarkable color rendition inside every light. Up to 98 CRI, the light presents everything as its true color as it should be. The high CRI
lighting can create an eye-comfort and healthy environment to improve the wellbeing. Furthermore, the high CRI feature from the Premier series helps with
improving to reduce stress, headaches, tension, depression, eye strain and improve overall mood, all of which boosts productivity.

WELL24 Series

The WELL24 can regulate human circadian rhythm to the biological level that the light is designed for tuning the secretion of melatonin.

WELL24 Day series:

It works in the daytime or during the working shift to reinforce the alertness that required by the tasks or environments like wok, study, quiz, meeting.

WELL24 Nite series:

It helps to relax and sleep faster than normal that also helps with the treatment of insomnia.

NormLite Series

The NormLite aims to provide the lighting products or an integrating solution for industrial grade requirement of accurate color inspection, management and correction. It can be used in the professional environments as the workshops of ink printing, car printing, cosmetics production, and it can also be used in the commercial application like art studio, gallery, or museums where require accurate color reproduction.

Product & technology

Lighting quality is the primary competitiveness of our LED product, regardless the lighting is designed for residential, commercial, entertainment or industry. Delivering the true value of the light is the target and essence of our technology. We help customers to solve not only the optical aspects but also the electrical, lighting design, assembly and use. The product line of Yuji lighting is always prepared to provide full coverage of LED luminaires to match different scenes that customers can use all Yuji lighting products to keep high color quality and consistency in their lighting ambient.