Start from superior stable red LED phosphor

We started to make LED phosphor materials in 2006. White LEDs were still in very early stage, the industry focused on improving device brightness and efficiency
via yellow phosphor very much. No one cares about the light quality. Based on this situation, we took a different approach and focused on red phosphor technology, which is the most important phosphor recipe for high CRI and/or low CCT LEDs, and it makes Yuji become a JV partner with Mitsubishi Chemical from 2012.  

Today, we are well known for our comprehensive research and full line-up production of LED phosphor from ultra-violet to near-infrared wavelength, and we are proud to
commit to providing superior stable and efficient phosphors to the worldwide markets.

Focus on LED spectrum technologies

The industrial structure on both phosphor and LED gives us a unique view to develop our spectrum technologies. Compared to other LED manufacturers, we have comprehensive information in evaluating the feasibility for both technical and commercial aspects.

Yujileds®- stands for high-performance LED

The trademark of Yujileds® is the identification of the LED products developed and manufactured by Yuji.

Today, Yuji is known for its full line-up LED phosphor materials with superior brightness and stability in the world. With the development of variety of LED phosphors, special LEDs for different photography and film lighting, grow lights, color science and other applications were realized and promoted to the market. Yuji also become famous in the special lighting area to help the customer to develop more lights in segmented markets to replace the traditional lighting.

Professional supporting team

There is a group of people in Yuji passionate about creating maximum value for our customers. We have accumulated experience in different projects. Currently, the company gathers more than 30 experts from various fields of semiconductor, chemistry, optics, photoelectricity,
circuitry, materials and color science.

Our sales team is well trained in deep LED technologies and has skilled global communication experience. Not just for sales, our team is more like a specialized consultancy to help every client succeed in different projects, and we do not only provide professional business service, but also support in the supply chain, logistics, marketing and technical discussions.