Ceiling light Square 220-240V

Power 10W, 50W
Type of installation Pendant surface mounted
Light distribution Indirect, Direct
Light source APS 2835
Color of the luminaires Black, White, Silver
Material Aluminum
Connection of the luminaires ON/OFF, DALI, 0-10V
Color temperature 4000K
Luminous flux (lm) 900lm, 3500lm
Life 50000 hours
Dimensions 60mm (W) *40mm (H) * 1280 (L)


    Zenith Square

    The "Yuji Lighting Zenith Square" redefines ceiling lighting with its sleek, modern design and commitment to wellness.

    This fixture melds the invigorating "SunWave™" technology for crisp downward lighting with the soothing "Well24™" illumination that casts a tranquil upward glow. With its intelligent interplay of light, the Zenith Square aids in regulating circadian rhythms, providing a lighting experience that tunes into the natural ebb and flow of the human body.

    It's an exceptional choice for contemporary spaces where the balance of functionality and well-being takes center stage.


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