Ceiling light Zenith Square 220-240V

Style: Zenith Square

Zenith Square

The "Yuji Lighting Zenith Square" redefines ceiling lighting with its sleek, modern design and commitment to wellness.

This fixture melds the invigorating "SunWave™" technology for crisp downward lighting with the soothing "Well24™" illumination that casts a tranquil upward glow. With its intelligent interplay of light, the Zenith Square aids in regulating circadian rhythms, providing a lighting experience that tunes into the natural ebb and flow of the human body.

It's an exceptional choice for contemporary spaces where the balance of functionality and well-being takes center stage.

Dual-emission illumination

Zenith Square is innovative in dual-emission design for uniform illumination without “dark zones”. Combining the SunWave™ and Well24™ technologies, the Zenith Square creates the truly natural and circadian rhythm regulated lighting. 


Based with Well24™ or tailor-made LED source inside


Based with SunWave™ or tailor-made LED source inside

Aviation Aluminum Alloy of the housing

Zenith Square is made with the aviation aluminum alloy (6063) for the robust and classic designs, also resulting in excellent thermal dissipation.

10-layer structure in 30mm space

The Zenith Square is innovative in a complex structure design by achieving 10 layers in the incredible 30mm thickness. Every single layer is designed for the best illumination effect and up to 10-year use reliability.

  • Layer 1 & 9: the specific diffuser creates the super uniform light distribution for both indirect and direct emissions;
  • Layer 2 & 8: the PMMA material avoids the LGP turning to yellowish for 10 years;
  • Layer 3 & 7: secure the promising efficiency of the illumination for both indirect and direct emissions;
  • Layer 4 & 6: the high-density EPE material makes the whole light compact and reliable for long time use;
  • Layer 10: Improve the glare control to an even more comfortable level and achieve <19 UGR.

ZERO-Flicker driver configured

Circadian Halo is dopted with ZERO-Flicker driver inside. The ZERO-Flicker standard by Yuji Lighting guarantees not only non-visual flicker, but also a strict flicker index below 0.001 measured by the device, securing the absolute wellbeing lighting environment.

10-year use quality design

The design of Zenith Square is made for lasting up to 10-year use. Every single material, accessory and process are carefully evaluated to ensure the quality and not out of date. We believe you will be impressed by its design and feeling when you open the box and touch it.

Mechanics (ceiling style)











  • Well24 Nite: 85+
  • Well24 Day: 90+


Optional CCT
  • Well24 Nite: 2200K/2700K
  • Well24 Day: 4000K/5000K
  • SunWave: 2200K/2700K
  • SunWave: 4000K/5000K