Linear light Flood (daisy-chain) 220-240V

Power 15W, 35W
Type of installation Pendant surface mounted, Recessed
Light distribution Indirect, Direct
Light source APS 2835
Color of the luminaires Black, White, Silver
Material Aluminum
Connection of the luminaires ON/OFF, DALI, 0-10V
Color temperature 4000K
Luminous flux (lm) 1500lm, 3500lm
Life 50000 hours
Dimensions 60mm (W) *80mm (H) * 1218 (L)


    LuminFlood Chain

    Expanding on the capabilities of its sibling, the "Yuji Lighting LuminFlood Chain" introduces the convenience of interconnected lighting.

    Like the LuminFlood, it combines SunWave™'s natural, direct light with the Well24™'s circadian-friendly indirect glow. The daisy-chain functionality adds versatility for elongated or contiguous spaces, where maintaining a consistent and healthful illumination is key.

    It's a streamlined solution for complex lighting needs without compromising on the health and comfort of the illuminated environment.


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